Chrome Cake Server w/ Grapes
Chrome Pasta Server w/ Grapes
"Beaches" Tin Pail Candle with Authentic Shells (Set of 4)
"Capture the Moments" Satin Photo Albums
"Charming" Silver Bell with Dangling Cross Charm (Set of 4)
"Charming" Silver Bell with Dangling Heart Charm (Set of 4)
"Chocolate Coin"
"Cut Out for Love" Cookie Cutter Set
"Dressed to the Nines" Tuxedo Mint Tin
"Dressed to the Nines" Wedding Dress Tin
"Good Wishes" Pearlized Photo Coasters (Set of 2)
"Good Wishes" Pearlized-Glass Photo Frame/Place Card Holder (Set of 4)
"Heart Truffle"
"It's a Shoe Thing" Shoe Bottle Opener
"It's About Time!" Let's Celebrate-Champagne Bucket Timer
"Key to Love" Key Chain
"Key to My Heart" Victorian Style Bottle Opener
"Love Beyond Measure" Heart Measuring Cup in Embroidered Velvet Pouch
"Love Beyond Measure" Measuring Tape Keychain
"Love Dove" Silver Chrome Bottle Opener in Elegant Oval Showcase Giftbox
"Love Notes" Post-it Notes
"LOVE" Cheeseboard and Knife Set
"LOVE" Cookie Cutter
"Love's Journey" Antique Pewter Getaway Car Place Card Holder
"Mint to Be" Bride Slide Mint Tins with Heart Mints
"Mint to Be" Groom Slide Mint Tins with Heart Mints
"Nantucket Shore" Handcrafted Wooden Place Card Holder (Set of 4)
"Passport to Love" Passport Covers
"Perfect Pair" Salt & Pepper Shakers
"Personally Yours" Guestbook Set
"Purse Valet" Stainless-Steel Handbag Holder
"Seaside" Original Art Coaster Set with Silver Starfish Charm (Set of 2)
"Shells by the Sea" Authentic Shell Place Card Holder & Matching Place Cards (Set of 6)
"Shore Memories" Sea Shell Bottle Opener with Thank You Tag
"Snowflake" Bookmark with Silver Finish and Elegant Ice-Blue Tassel
"Something Blue" Gift Box Candle in Pearlized Box w/Satin Printed Ribbon
"Tied with a Bow" Guest Book & Pen Set
"Tied with a Bow" Ring Pillow
"Timeless Traditions" Elegant Black & White Glass Photo Coasters
"Turning Leaves" Bookmark with Burgundy Silk Tassel
"Two Peas in a Pod" Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shaker in Ivy Leaf Print Box
"Vino" Original Art Coaster Set with Silver Grape Charm (Set of 2)
"With This Ring" Tin with Mints
"With This Ring” Unique Stackable Glass Coasters
2x3 Place Card Frame w/ Love Design
2x3 Silver Frame w/ Champagne Glasses
2x3 Silver Frame w/ Envelope w/ Hearts
2x3 Silver Frame w/ Wedding Bells
3 1/2" x 1" x 5 1/2" Gusset Organza Bag (Set of 30)
3" x 4" Organza Bag w/Feather Trim (Set of 10)
3" x 4" Organza Bag w/Fine Tassel (Set of 12)
3" x 4" Polka Dot Organza Bag (Set of 6)
3" x 4" Rosette Organza Bag (Set of 10)
4" x 5 1/2" Organza Bag w/Feather Trim (Set of 10)
4" x 5" Rosette Organza Bag (Set of 10)
4" x 5" Two Tone Organza Bag (Set of 6)
4" x 6" Poka Dot Organza Bag (Set of 6)
4" x 6" Sheer Organza Bag (Set of 30)
5 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 10 1/2" Gusset Organza Bag (Set of 30)
5" x 7" Two Tone Organza Bag (Set of 6)
5" x 8" Sheer Organza Bag (Set of 30)
5' x 7" Organza Bag w/Fine Tassel (Set of 12)
6" x 10" Organza Bag w/Fine Tassel (Set of 12)
6" x 10" Polka Dot Organza Bag (Set of 6)
6" x 9" Sheer Organza Bag (Set of 30)
6oz Genuine Lavendar Flask
6oz Genuine Leather Pink Flask
A Dream Come True Tin with Mints
Adirondack Chair Place Card Holder (Set of 12)
Adirondack Place Card Frame
Ain't Love Grand?" Piano Place Card Holders with Cards (Set of Four)
Airplane Luggage Tag
Angelic Candle Holder Favors
Aqua Blue Mini Cube Box (Set of 12)
Asian Love Bookmark
Asian Love Bookmark
Asian LOVE Glass Coasters (Set of 2)
Asian LOVE Place Card Holders & Matching Place Cards (Set of 4)
Asian Silk Brocade Notebook with Pen
Asian Theme Favors
Autum Design Bookmark
Available Fonts
Bamboo Design Place Card Frame
Baptism and Communion Favor
Baptism and Communion Favor
Beach Chairs Tin with Mints
Beach Collection Guest Book
Beach Collection Guest Book & Pen Set
Beach Ring Pillow
Beach Theme Coaster (Set of 4)
Beach Theme Coaster (Set of 4)
Beach Theme Cookie Cutter (Set of 4)
Beach Theme Favors
Beach Theme Glass Pail Candle
Beach Theme Pen Set
Beach Theme Photo Coaster (Set of 2)
Beach Theme Place Card Holder/Candle Holder
Beach Theme Toasting Glasses
Beach Theme Wedding Guest Book
Beveled Glass Jewelry Box
Black Leather Flask
Black Mini Box (Set of 12)
Blackberry Wedding Articles
Blue and Brown LOVE Coaster Set (Set of 4)
Blue Cake Candle
Blue Cross Design Mint Tins
Blue Fusion Shell Design Candle Holder
Blue Mini Pail
Blue Mini Tin
Blue Rhinestone Place Card Frame
Bookmark Favors
Bows, Bows & Bows
Brass Place Card Bell with Heart Top (Set of 6)
Bridal Gown Tin with Mints
Bridal Leopard Tin with Mints
Bride and Groom Design Bottle Stopper
Bride and Groom Winter Stopper Set
Bride Favor Box/Place Card Holder (Set of 12)
Bridesmaid Gifts
Brown Mini Cube Boxes (Set of 12)
Brushed Metal Photo Frame & Place Card Holder
Brushed Oval Beaded Jewlery Box
Bunch O Beauty Tin with Mints
Butterflies Laser-Cut Favor Box (Set of 24)
Butterfly Bottle stoppers from The "Vineyard Collection"
Butterfly Cookie Cutter Favors
Butterfly Design Bookmark
Butterfly design candle holder favors
Butterfly Theme Cake and Knife Set
Butterfly Theme Guest Book
Butterfly Theme Pen Set
Butterfly Theme Toasting Glass Set
Calilily Pocket Mirror in Resin Silver Finish
Calla Lily Bottle Stopper
Calla Lily Cake and Knife Set
Calla Lily Design Bookmark
Calla Lily Design Candle Holder
Calla Lily Design Magnetic Frame
Calla Lily Guest Book
Calla Lily Mini Pails (Set of 12)
Calla Lily Pen Set
Calla Lily Satin Pillow Satchets in Calla Lily Print Gift Box
Calla Lily Toasting Glasses
Candle Wedding Favors
Candy Selections
Carefree Tin with Mints
CD Covers (Set of 12)
CD Tins
Ceramic Calla Lily Erasable Place Card Holder Magnet
Ceremony Accessories
Chair Place Card Boxes (Set of 12)
Chapel of Love Tin with Mints
Cheerful Magnetic Butterfly Memo Clips
Cherry Blossom Chopsticks
Cherry Blossom Elegance” Mini-Pillar Candle (Set of Four)
Cherry Blossom Hand Creme
Cherry Blossom Lip Balm
Cherry Blossom Mint Tin
Cherry Blossom Round Label
Cherry Blossom Silk Fans
Cherry Blossom Square Label and Tag
Chest Favor Boxes
Chrome Bell w/ Rose Design
Chrome Bottle Stopper w/ Frosted Rose
Chrome Bottle Stopper w/ Solid Frosted Heart
Chrome Bottle Stopper w/Solid Chrome Heart
Chrome Bottle Stopper with Crystal Design
Chrome Butterfly Place Card Holder (Set of 12)
Chrome Candle Snuffer
Chrome Heart Wedding Bell
Chrome Ice Cream Scoop
Chrome Lasagne Server w/White Marble Handle
Chrome Luggage Tag
Chrome Open Heart Bottle Stopper
Chrome Pasta Server w/ White Marble Handle 10" Long
Chrome Place Card Bell with Heart Top (Set of 6)
Chrome Placecard Frame with Hearts
Chrome Salad Server Set w/ Grapes
Chrome Seashell Bookmark
Cigar Cutter
Cinderella-style Place Card Holder Favors (set of 12)
Circle of Friendship Bracelet
Classic LOVE Bell in Elegant Toile Box
Classic Maple Leaf Place Card Holder (Set of 4)
Classic Pearl Set
Clear Rhinestone Place Card Frame
Color Trimmed Terry Cloth Robe
Color Trimmed Terry Cloth Spa Slippers
Contemporary Design Heart Place Card Holder (Set of 6)
Contemporary Indian Bride Mix & Match Cake Toppers
Contemporary Indian Groom Mix & Match Cake Toppers
Cross Cookie Cutter
Cross Keychain w/ Heart Shaped Stone
Daisy Do Tin with Mints
Damask Mint Tin
Double Heart Keychain in Silver Color
Double Heart Keychain Pearl White
Edible Favor
Elegant Chrome Luggage Tag with Engraved Heart
Elegant Heart Design Letter Opener
Elegant Heart Design Salt & Pepper Shakers
Elegant Place Card Frames
Elegant ribbon design photo frame favors (4x6 photo)
Elegant Snowflake Design Wine Bottle Stopper
Elegant Star Fish Bottle Stopper
Elegant Wedding Favors
Enchanting Butterfly Design Candle Holders - Pink Stones
Fairytale Collection Guest Book Set
Fairytale Theme Guest Book
Fairytale Theme Pen Set
Fairytale Theme Toasting Glasses
Fashionable Purse Design Compact Mirror Favors
Favor Boxes & Bags
Favor Labels & Tags
Floral Brooch Guestbook Set
Font Selection
Fortune Cookie Bookmark Pearl White w/ Crystal
Fortune Cookie Keychain Pearl White w/ Crystal
Fraternity &Sorority Gifts
Fraternity and Sorority Gifts
Frosted Glass Candle Box with White Wax & Ribbon
Frosted Resin Dolphin Shape Bottle Stopper
Frosted Resin Heart Shaped Bottle Stopper
Frosted Resin Shell Shaped Bottle Stopper
Genuine Leather Money Clip
Gerber Tin with Mints
Gerber Wedding Tin with Mints
Glass Candle Holder with Calla Lilies in Organza Bag
Glass Candle Holder with Wedding Coach Base Design
Glass Favors
Glass Photo Coasters (Set of 2)
Glass Photo Vase
Golden Lac Boxes with Beads and Mirror
Golf Ball Tea Light and Unique Golf Club-Shaped Place Card (Set of 4)
Graceful Swan Tin with Mints
Greek Gift Pouch
Greek Heart Link Bracelet
Greek Jewelry Roll
Greek Slim Cuff Bracelet
Groom Favor Box/Place Card Holder (Set of 12)
Groomsmen Gifts
Handbag Place Card Holder
Handpainted Tin Calla Lily Tealight Holder
Heart Design Candle Favors/Place Card Holders
Heart Design Corkscrew
Heart Design Key Ring
Heart Design Place Card Holders
Heart Design Wine Pourer/Stopper
Heart Shape Manicure Kits
Heart Shaped Bookmark with Silver Rhinestones
Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter Set
Heart Shaped Measuring Spoons
Heart Shaped Silver Coffee Scoop
Heart Shaped Tin Wedding Favor
Heart Tea Infuser
Heart Theme Picture Frame
Heart Theme White Resin Frame
Heart Themed Silver Resin Frames
Heart Wine Bottle Stoppers
Horseshoe Key Chain Favors
Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet
indian theme favors
Indian Theme Stickers
Interlocking Silver Heart Design Candle Holder
Ivory Mini Box (Set of 12)
Ivory Resin Calla Lily Frame
Ivory Wedding Cake Candle
Keychain & Money Clip Gift Set
Keychain Favors
Keychain Favors
Keychain Favors
Kissing in a Tree Tin with Mints
Label Colors
Lariet Necklace with Swarovski Crystals
Las Vegas Theme Coaster (Set of 4)
Las Vegas Theme Favors
Lavender Mini Pail
Leather Frame Keychain in Sheer Organza Bag
Let's fly away
Little Book of Memories Place Card & Mini Photo Album
LOVE Cork Coaster (Set of 4)
LOVE design coaster and wine bottle stopper sets
Love Design Place Card Holder Favors (set of 12)
LOVE Glass Coaster (Set of 4)
LOVE Glass Coaster Set
Love Pocket Mirror in Resin Silver Color
Love Poem Tin with Mints
Love Symbol Tin with Mints
Love Tags and Labels
Luminous Love Votives Wedding Favor (Set of 4)
Luxurious Silk Fan in Elegant, Laser-Cut Gift Box (Black or Ivory, Set of 4)
Luxurious Silk Fan in Elegant, Laser-Cut Gift Box (Black or Ivory, Set of 4)
Matching Personalized Tag for Brown and Blue LOVE Coaster
Matte Gold Place Card Frame
Matte silver metal place card/photo frames
Matte Silver Mint Tins
Medium Round Cherry Blossom Label
Medium Round Monogram Label
Medium Round Theme Label
Minature Galvanized Bucket
Minature Photo Frames/Place Card Holder (Set of 12)
Mini Chair Place Card Holder & Favor Box (Set of 12)
Miniature "Good Luck" Wooden Elephants
Miniature Clear Acrylic Phantom Chairs(set of 8)
Miniature Glass Bell Jar with White Fluted Base(set of 4)
Mint Tin Favors
Modern Labels
Money Clip Wallet with Silver Plate
Money Clip Wallet with Silver Stamping
Monogram Sticker for Silver Chair Favor Box (Set of 12)
Monogram Tin with Mints
Monogrammed Votive Candle in Sheer Organza Bag
Murano Art Deco Collection Butterfly Wine Stopper
Murano Art Deco Collection Dolphin Wine Stopper
Murano Art Deco Collection Grapes Wine Stopper
Murano Art Deco Collection Moon Wine Stopper
Murano Art Deco Collection Starfish Wine Stopper
Musical note place card holders (set of 12)
Natural Bamboo Eco-Friendly Coaster Favors (Four Coasters per Favor!)
Natural Shell Tea Light in Clear Box (Set of 4)
Now and Forever Tin with Mints
Organza Wine Bag (6 1/2" x 15") Set of 10
Our Favorite Wedding Items
Our Joy Tin with Mints
Pearl Silver Heart Design Cake Server Favors
Pearl White Calla Lily Bookmark
Pearl White Cross Bookmark w/ Heart Shaped Stone Elegant
Pearl White Double Heart Bookmark
Pearl White Heart Design Cake Server Favors
Personalized "Love Notes" Notebook
Personalized Acrylic Circle Cake Top
Personalized Glass Coasters (Set of 4)
Personalized Guest Book
Personalized Initial Mugs (Set of 2)
Personalized Photo Cuff Links
Personalized Toiletry Bag
Pewter Frame Bamboo Place Card Frame
Pewter Rose Design Place Card Holder (Set of 12)
Photo Album Favors
Photo coaster and wine bottle stopper favor sets
Pink Cross Design Mint Tins
Pink Flowers Tin with Mints
Pink Frosted Takeout Box
Pink Mini Cube Box (Set of 12)
Pink Mini Pail
Pink Mini TIn
Pink Poka Dot Pedicure Set
Pink Rhinestone Place Card Frame
Place Card Holders
Playful Sailboat Candle Favors
Poker Theme Candle Holder
Poker Theme Place Card Holder (Set of 12)
Poker Themed Keychain in Deluxe Box
Practical Favors
Reception Gift Card Holder
Rhinestone Border Monogram Labels & Tags
Rhinestone LOVE Stickers (Set of 12)
Rhinestone Monogram Stickers (12 Pack)
Rhinestone Theme Border Label & Tag
Rhinestone Wedding Place Card Holder (white)
Ribbon Collection Ring Pillow
Rose Ball Candle in Gift Box with Matching Bow
Rose Design Heart Magnet in Organza Bag
Rose Design Magnetic Frame In Mesh Bag
Round Monogram Labels
Round Theme Labels
Sailboat Bookmark Favors
Sailboat Key Chain Favors
Sailboat Wine Bottle Stopper Favors
Sandalwood Fan in Glass Top Box
Satin Bows (Set of 12)
Satin LOVE Box (Set of 6)
Satin Pillow Sachets
Satin Ribbon
Satin Rose Tin with Mints
Scallop Shell Place Card Holder (Set of 6)
Scallop Shell Shaped Mini Boxes
Seashell Bookmark Sand Color
Seashell Cookie Cutter
Seaside Shells Salt & Pepper Shakers in Seaside Toile Gift Box
Seasonal Favors
Seasonal Favors
Set of 4 White L-O-V-E Candles
Shades of Love Tin with Mints
Sheer 3" X 4" Organza Bag w/Satin Drawstring (Set of 30)
Shell & Sand Design Place Card Holder/Picture Frame
Shell Design Bookmark
Shell Design Wine Stopper
Shell Magnetic Picture Frame
Shipping Info
Silk Fan - Pink
Silver Bride and Groom Wedding Bell / Place Card Holder
Silver Castle Bookmark
Silver Castle Bottle Stopper
Silver Chair Favor Box with Heart Charm & Ribbon (set of 12)
Silver Cross Design Mint Tins
Silver Elephant Place Card Holders (Set of 12)
Silver Favors Wedding Favors
Silver Goblets Bottle Stopper
Silver Grapes Bottle Stopper
Silver Guest Book Cover
Silver Heart Bottle Stopper w/ Roses Design
Silver Heart Shaped Bookmark
Silver Key Ring
Silver LOVE Place Card Holder & Matching Place Cards (Set of 4)
Silver Organza Bag with Silver Trim
Silver Oval Cufflinks
Silver Picture Frame/Place Card Holder
Silver Pineapple Place Card Holders (Set of 4)
Silver Plated "The Perfect Pair" Pear Salt & Pepper Shakers
Silver Plated Ball Point Pen with Heart Charm
Silver Plated Heart Photo Locket Key Ring
Silver Resin Coach Place Card Frame
Silver Round Cufflinks
Silver Solid Heart Shape Bookmark
Silver Teapot Place Card Holders (Set of 4)
Silver Wedding Bell
Silver Wedding Bell Place Card Holder
Silver Wedding Cake Place Card Holders (Set of 12)
Silver-Plated Pocket Watch
Simply Satin Ring Pillow
Small Wire Crown Embellishment in Matte Black(set of 4)
Snow Flurry Glass Ornament Place Card & Photo Holder
Snowflake Design Bookmark
Snowflake Place Card Holder/Ornament (Set of 4)
Solid Heart Bottle Stopper
Sparkling Entwined Ring Pillow
Sparkling Hearts Pocket Ring Pillow
Square Damask Label
Square Frosted Glass Candle Holder
Square Monogram Labels and Tags
Square Silver Cufflinks
Stainless Steel Cheese Grater
Stainless Steel Coffee Scoops
Stainless Steel Hip Flask
Star Design Wine Stopper
Starfish Bookmark in Sand Colors & Ivory
Starfish Design Wine Stopper
Starlight Collection Guest Book
Starlight Collection Guest Book & Pen
Starlight Ring Pillow
Strictly Pearls
Stylish Beach Bag Favor
Stylish Sailboat Design Candle Holder
Stylish stainless steel cake server
Swaying Calla Lily Pearlescent Place Card & Photo Frame
Sweet 16 Keychain w/ Stones in Pearl White
Sweet Sixteen Bookmark w/ Stones Pearl White
Swirl Design Wine Stopper
Take Out Containers (Set of 12)
tea infuser
Teddy Bear Keychain in Pearl White
Tender Moments Tin with Mints
The "Love Within My Heart" Bottle Stopper
The "Love within My Heart" Heart Shaped Coasters
The "Love within My Heart" Wine Charms
The "Perfect Pair" Place Card Holder (Set of 4)
The Glove
The Love within My Heart Silver Bookmark
The Love within My Heart Silver Keychain
The Orient Tin with Mints
Theme Hand Creme
Theme Lip Balm
Theme Mint Tins
Theme Options
Theme Wedding Favors
Topiary Photo Holder/Place Card Holder (Set of Four)
Traditional Indian Groom Mix & Match Cake Toppers
Traditional Indian Bride
Travel Candle
Two Tone Cigar Tube
Two Tone Cufflinks
Under $2.00 Favors
Victorian style memo magnet favors
Vineyard Collection Corkscrew & Stopper Set
Vineyard Collection Crystal Ball Design Wine Stopper
Vineyard Collection Heart Theme Wine Stopper
Vintage Sparkle Ring Pillow
Watch Money Clip
Wedding Bouquet Tin with Mints
Wedding Bubbles w/Double Heart Shaped Top
Wedding Calla Lily Tin with Mints
Wedding Dress Tin with Mints
Wedding Fortune Cookie Favors
Wedding Glasses Tin with Mints
Wedding Gown and Tux Bookmark Set
Wedding Icon Tin with Mints
Wedding Luminaries
Wedding Party Gifts
Wedding Place Card Holder/Mini Picture Frame
White Cake Candle
White Cross Bookmark
White Cross Bookmark with Blue Crystals
White Cross Bookmark with Pink Crystals
White Cross Keychain with Blue Crystals
White Favor Box (Set 12)
White Frosted Takeout Box
White Heart Bottle Stopper w/ Roses Design
White Heart Mint Tin
White Mini Cube Box (Set of 12)
White Organza Bag with Silver Trim
White Pail Favor
White Resin Place Card Frame
White Rose Candle Holder
White Round Mint Tin
White Seashell Bottle Stopper
White Trimmed Terry Cloth Robe
White Trimmed Terry Cloth Spa Slippers
White Wedding Cake Bath Fizzer
White Wedding Cake Candle
Wine Motif Cheeseboard & Knife Set
Wine Theme Coaster (Set of 4)
Wine Theme Cork Coaster (Set of 4)
Wine Wedding Favors
Winter Snowflake "Love" Glass Coasters (set of 2)
Winter Snowflake "Love" Glass Coasters (set of 2)
“Blessings” Silver Cross Bookmark with Tassel in Keepsake Book Box
“Bourbon Street” Streetlight Place Card Holder with Coordinating Place Cards (Set of 4)
“Butterfly” Silver-Metal Bookmark with White Silk Tassel
“Cherry Blossoms” Frosted Glass Coasters
“Cherry Blossoms” Vellum Wine Glass Shade (Set of 24)
“Damask Traditions” Black and White Frosted Glass Tea Light Holder with Kate Aspen Signature Charm
“Double Happiness” Asian-Themed Favor Box with Metallic-Gold Symbol and Bow (Set of 24)
“Embossed Elegance” Snowflake Favor Box (Set of 24)
“Hugs & Kisses from Mr. & Mrs.!” Adhesive Bandages in Re-usable Tin
“Imperial” Exquisite Glass Photo Coasters
“Just Married” candle holder wedding favors
“Lucky Elephant” Antique Ivory-Finish Tea Light Holder
“Maison du Vin” Wine Cork Place Card/Photo Holder with Grape-Themed Place Cards (Set of 4)
“Our New Monogram” Metal Favor Charms (Set of 20 Charms) "
“Our Wedding Day” Limited-edition Metal Favor Charms Printed with Event Date (Set of 20 Charms) "
“Owl Always Love You” Scented Soap "
“Park Place” Vintage Park Bench Place Card/Photo Holder (Set of 4)
“Rustic Elegance” Adirondack Chair Place Card/Photo Holder (Set of 4)
“The Dress” Satin Gown Favor Bag (Set of 12)
“The Perfect Pair” Scented Pear Soap
“Tranquility” Eco-Friendly Bamboo Place Card Holder with Matching Place Cards (Set of 4)
“Work of Art” Antique-Finish Place Card Holder/Photo Frame
“Work of Art” Antique-Finish Place Card Holder/Photo Frame