Candy Selections

Candy Selections
Candy Descriptions

White Peppermint "Candy Mint" - A nice mild mint candy that your guests will love. These are a nice white candy that are small and shiny. They have the size and consistency of "red hots" but have the taste of a mild peppermint. They are very elegant. These mints are a hit with everyone from grandparents to young kids. Star-K Parve Kosher

Breath Mints - Exclusive mints for the MintBox. A small shiny, slightly tinted green mint with a strong minty flavor. These are very similar to our Candy Mint with a stronger mint taste. You will always have fresh breath with these mints! Stark Parve Kosher

Gum Mints - These are the size of large Chiclets. White with splashes of green. A very long lasting mint flavor. Stark Parve Kosher

Fruit Tarts - Perfect choice for the kids. Very colorful and fruity. Little round candies that are sweet and tart. If you want to stay away from mints, this is the choice for you.

Candy Selections are only available for the following products:

W04-MB, W11-MB, W13-MB, W14-MB, W15-MB, W19-MB, W21-MB, W22-MB, W23-MB, W46-MB, W63-MB, W64-MB, W73-MB, W-74MB, W79-MB, W80-MB,W101-MB, W102-MB, W103-MB, W104-MB, W105-MB, W106-MB, BRS7-MB, BRS17-MB, BR25-MB, BRS55-MB, BR56-MB