When we see a cross we think about forgiveness, hope, love peace, joy and generosity. It's amazing how people appreciate and define a cross.

“Blessings” Silver Cross Bookmark with Tassel in Keepsake Book Box
“Blessings” Silver Cross Bookmark with Tassel in Keepsake Book Box
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Product Description

Christenings and baptisms mark especially meaningful moments in our lives—memorable moments we share with those who hold an important place in our hearts. Mark the moment and remind them of your love and appreciation by giving them the “Blessings” Silver Cross Bookmark, fittingly presented in a keepsake book box.

Kate Aspen’s inspired design features a 4 ½” long, pure-white tassel and a 2 ¾” x 2” cross, where the three-leafed clover end caps represent the trinity as well as faith, hope and love. The 4” x 2 ½” x ¾” gift box, a miniature replica of the bible, has decorative, silver accents, silver “pages,” a white-satin bookmark ribbon with a tiny, white budded cross, and the cover is imprinted with a small, silver cross and the words “Blessings Cross Bookmark.”